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                          Car & Truck Repair - Automobile Diagnostics

                          Automotive Repair for the Peace River Country

                          Trinity Automotive Repair
                          Automotive Repair Services in Berwyn Alberta
                          Full Service Gas Station
                          Insurance & Out of Province Inspections

                          Serving the Peace Country for 17 years!

                          Your Best Choice for Automotive Repair
                          in the Peace Country

                          Small Truck Services for Alberta's Oilfield

                          Trinity has a very well equipped shop with updated diagnostic equipment and two licensed technicians to serve you. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Click Here for Inspections >
                          We perform Out of Province as well as Alberta Insurance Inspections

                          . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Click Here for Experience >
                          Our friendly and helpful staff have a combined total of nearly 80 years mechanical experience. In this industry with rapidly changing technology we strive to stay at the top of our trade.

                          Meet Trinity's Friendly Staff

                          We are here to assess the current mechanical condition of your vehicle and will advise you honestly if any repairs are required either now or in the future.
                          Barry Dale - Owner - Head Mechanic
                          Barb McLean - Office Admin, Reception, Parts locator
                          Keith Yampolsky - Trinity Shop Forman

                          We will always put your safety and that of the motoring public FIRST, before the cost of repairs.

                          Business Indications
                          Peace River Region

                          Gas Station on Hwy. 2 at Berwyn Alberta
                          Vehicle Inspections Peace River Area.
                          Out of Province Inspections

                          Automotive Repair services for the Peace Region, Peace River Country Automotive services,

                          Truck and Car Repair services,
                          Peace River Automotive repair,
                          Peace River radiator replacement,
                          Peace River tire rotations,
                          Peace River oil changes,
                          Peace River vehicle inspections,
                          Peace River transmission Servicing

                          Small Truck Repair serving the Peace Region Oilfield

                          Business Indications
                          Northern Alberta

                          Gas Station at Berwyn Alberta
                          Automotive Repair services Northern Alberta, Car and truck repair services Berwyn,

                          Vehicle Inspections in Northern Alberta.
                          Out of Province Inspections

                          Northern Alberta engine repair, radiator replacement, tire rotations, oil changes, transmission repair & vehicle inspections.

                          Small Truck Repair serving the Northern Alberta Oilfield

                          An Advertised Canadian Business with:
                          Artscript Canada Business Network